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Achieve Success by Aligning Business Savvy with Spiritual Wisdom

Spiritual Guidance & Healing

for Entrepreneurs & Creatives 

with Janie Jaramillo

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Receive Soul Level Guidance for Business & Life

Are you ready to discover how to achieve entrepreneurial success without sacrificing your well-being?

Reignite Your Passion

Learn how to fuel your business ambitions while maintaining your zest for life.

Balance Strategy & Spirit

Integrate spiritual practices into your daily routine to enhance productivity and peace.

Boost Your Resilience

Develop strategies to navigate uncertainties and challenges with confidence.

Mental Barriers

Overcome Mental Barriers

Defeat perfectionism and imposter syndrome that hold you back from greatness.

Create Sustainable Success

Establish habits that promote long-term growth without burnout.

Navigate Past Uncertainty, Perfectionism, and Imposter Syndrome to Reach Your Highest Potential.

Are you starting to notice some of your unhealthy patterns in your children? or are you worried patterns you've struggled with for years will negatively affect your children? You are committed to clearing your negative patterns or energy blocks so your children won't have to struggle with the same. You want to show them what a healthy and thriving spiritual adult by living your soul purpose and fulfilling your dreams and desires in a way that leaves you proud of the legacy you create for them and all your future descendants.

Let's get to know each other...

Fifty years into this life journey, are we living the authentic life we desire?

I had the opportunity to discuss this with Janie Jaramillo Santoy, who has grown into an understanding of her own journey toward authenticity and whose energy work helps others do the same. Janie is a mother, professor, and business owner. But though she occupies those roles, she’s clear that her emotional and spiritual health requires that she define how those roles look in her life.

Janie was on the express track to professional and personal attainment.  After 15 years, Burnt out, Janie became anxious and depressed. 

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